Utility ATV Tire Series

OBOR Utility Tire Piranha

The Piranha //

This tire was designed for Pro GNCC 4×4 racing and offers increased straight line acceleration and steering stability.
OBOR Howler

The Howler //

Additional center lug has been specially engineered to increase traction under all types of terrain conditions
OBOR Cornelius

The Cornelius //

The perfect all terrain tire for an ATV or SxS; Cornelius features unique aggressive tread pattern that grips on dirt, mud, roots.

OBOR Pinacle


Tread blocks are grooved for ride comfort combining tread block alignment to reduce tire noise when riding.

OBOR Mudfalo

The Mudfalo //

Combining with excellent tread life and ride comfort, this is the best all around tire you can find in the market.

OBOR Riple

NEW The Riple //

The light weight 6-ply rating construction gives quick acceleration. Direction tire pattern gives the rider a smooth ride.

OBOR Bison

NEW The Bison //

A durable 6ply rating to deflect any unwanted debris on the trail to help you accomplish any tasks around the property.

OBOR Outrage

NEW The Outrage //

The powerful 8-ply construction is shockproof from rocks and sand whoops while maximizing puncture resistance

OBOR Scoprio

The Scoprio //

Mud tire with unique pattern to help rider dig into muddy terrain. This is the best choice for trail ride with slick mud.

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