Cycling Tire Technology

An in-depth look at the development and testing of the what makes the difference of a quality tire.

Tire Compounds

Different compound use for different condition. Bikes, terrains, countries and customer requirements, we offer variousof compound to our global market. Also we care about REACH, RoHS, CPSP and Phthalates (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP) for our customers with clean and environmentally friendly compounds.

Obor tire material compounds
obor superior tire compounds

Superior Compounds

Dual Adventure: AM/ENDURO tire used by dual compound technology on tread. This rubber combination designed for dirt and soft terrain.
Jet : Single compound technology for cross country tires, it depends on XC condition to develop this special purpose formula.
Snow Ball: Both toughness and elasticity, a special formula for snow and spike tires. Additional low temperature test in lab and outdoor already passed and approved to serve.

Tread Wear and Research Test

OBOR tread wear testing
OBOR tire tread wear
OBOR tread wear test sample sandpaper


OBOR tread wear test sample asphalt


OBOR tread wear results from sandpaper and asphalt testing


Shield Protection

3MM/7MM is our actual center thickness of anti-puncture rubber, Good rolling performance with the high modulus rubber that optimizes long trip and daily use. Now we provide lots of sizes which adopt this construction for long trip and daily commuting.

OBOR tire green shield 3mm

3MM Green Shield: Bright green layer of anti-puncture rubber named”Green Shield ” with 3mm thickness.
3MM Lite-Shield: 3MM Geen Shield combine with skinwall structure. Both shield protection and lightweight engineering.

OBOR tire red shield 5mm

5MM Red Shield: 5mm thickness anti-puncture rubber with red color named”Red Shield”.

OBOR tire red shield 7mm

7MM Red Shield: 7mm thickness with red color anti-puncture rubber named ”Red Shield”.

OBOR tire 3mm green shield lite
OBOR green Shield 3mm lite on wheel
OBOR TIre red shield 5mm and 7mm detailed look

Defender : Lightweight specification recommended to sporty and efficient riding. From economic to superior spec, defender system provides several protections to daily ride, wild run and paved road. All safety ride performance made of nylon and aramid material.

OBOR tire shield level 1

Level 1: Base structure, none anti-puncture specification.

OBOR tire shield level 2

Level 2: Reinforced carcass made by additional nylon fabric layer.


OBOR tire shield level 3

Level 3: Nylon belt, the interlaced nylon fabric belt seated on tread.

OBOR tire shield level 4

Level 4: Armor 2 side, that made by nylon belt on each sidewall.

OBOR tire shield level 5

Level 5: All run, extend LV.3 protection from bead to another bead, it’s a whole tire protection.

OBOR tire shield level 6

Level 6:  Aramid belt, the interlaced aramid fabric belt seated on tread, absolutely the best anti-puncture ability.

OBOR tire testing standards
OBOR tire testing standards
OBOR tire testing standards
OBOR tire testing standards

Sidewall Protection Testing

OBOR sidewall protection testing
OBOR sidewall protection testing
OBOR sidewall protection testing

Cord Fabric

Made by our international suppliers who provide several cord density and function. 27/30 TPI is our entry level; 60 TPI with good feature for pro, the lightweight quality, smooth surface, soft handle and comfort performance from the high density carcass, 120 TPI is the finest specification to racers we provided.

OBOR tire cord fabric
OBOr Saturn Ring tire cord fabric
OBOR road cycling sport tire Touch Down

27 TPI: Common product that thicker coating, strong cord and economical choice.
30 TPI LITE: Entry level of skinwall structure with wire bead spec.
60 TPI LITE: Pro level of skinwall structure with lightweight performance. Both foldable bead and wire bead are available.
120TPI LITE: Lightweight fabric with aramid bead for racing specification is recommended.

Tire Bead

High strength steel material is used on our standard wire bead construction. We provide different section diameter wire for our global requirements and foldable bead made by ARAMID with excellent tensile strength and modulus that widely used for our customers.

OBOR Tires beads
OBOR bike tire anatomy


E-Bike tire approved to MTB and city bike is offered after our test. Both 25 km/h and 50km/h, our E-POWER to E-MTB and E-CITY BIKE already approved.

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