The Brawler

SXS / UTV tire

The Brawler

Tire Description
  • The Brawler has light truck inspired tread design and engineering features.

  • The Brawler is the perfect choice for serious UTV enthusiasts that require extreme performance in terrain like Baja Mex. or the South Western desert of the U.S. The 10ply rated carcass is designed to endure and survive harsh conditions.
  • The outstanding tread wear, traction, durability, and stability increase the driving experiences to the next level.
  • The Brawler is compliant with DOT test standard (FMVSS 571.119) at Max. Operating Pressure, PSI

Application Terrain //




 Loose Loam

Sand/ Mud

Tire Specifications //
Size PLY TT/TL Overall Diameter(inch) Overall Width(inch) Tire Pressure(psi) Rim size(inch) Max Load(lbs) Tread Depth(inch)
28X10.00R14 10 TL 28.3 9.6 20 7.0AT 519 16/32
30X10.00R14 10 TL 30.3 9.6 20 7.0AT 583 16/32
32X10.00R14 10 TL 32.3 9.6 20 7.0AT 660 16/32
Tire Options //



Sport ATV Tire Series

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