The Mudfalo

SXS / UTV tire

The Mudfalo

Tire Description
  • use 8-ply rating, capable of handling heavy loads while also provides a long tread life.
  • When mounting oversized tires on your ATV, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance.
  • All new and aggressive tread pattern constructed to flex more in Mod-accumulating areas.
  • Deepest tread depth can getting more traction performance in MUD terrain.
  • Unique and strong sidewall pattern improving puncture resistance.

Application Terrain //




 Loose Loam

 Sand/ Mud

Tire Specifications //
Size PLY TT/TL Overall Diameter(inch) Overall Width(inch) Tire Pressure(psi) Rim size(inch) Max Load(lbs) Tread Depth(inch)
30X10.00-14 8 TL 30.3 9.1 12 7.0AT 975 53/32
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