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Turbocharge Your ATV or UTV Retail Store with OBOR Tires Dealer Program!

Get into Gear and Start Selling OBOR Tires Now

Step into the exhilarating world of off-road action sports with OBOR Tires, a pioneer in the tire industry, renowned for its innovation and passion. We’re extending an electrifying invitation to local ATV and UTV retailers to join our dynamic network of OBOR Tires Dealers. This is more than just a business opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of a vibrant community that fuels the spirit of adventure and champions performance.

Exceptional Customer Experiences Ignite Loyalty & Trust

By becoming an OBOR Tires Dealer, you’re not merely selling tires; you’re offering your customers an experience that is as untamed and exciting as the trails they conquer. Our newly established Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy ensures fairness, transparency, and protects the integrity of the OBOR brand while enhancing your profitability. With consistent pricing, you can focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional customer experiences that ignite loyalty and trust.

Outstanding Dealer Program for ATV/UTV Product Retailers

As an OBOR Tires Dealer, you’ll enjoy exclusive perks such as special promotions, marketing support, and early access to product launches. You’ll be at the vanguard of the off-road action sports industry, empowered to drive growth and success. So gear up, ATV and UTV retailers! It’s time to power ahead and leave the competition behind. Join the OBOR Tires family sign up today and become a beacon of adventure and trust in your community.

Key Points for Our Wholesalers

🎯 Fairness and Transparency: Our MAP policy ensures a level playing field for all our esteemed dealers, promoting healthy competition, and safeguarding your margins.

🔒 Protecting Brand Integrity: By adhering to the MAP policy, we ensure that our premium tires are consistently represented at their true value, upholding the reputation of the OBOR brand.

💡 Enhanced Profitability: With a consistent pricing strategy, you’ll have greater control over your profitability and can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

📈 Elevating Customer Perception: By maintaining consistent pricing across the board, you’ll boost customer trust and loyalty, driving growth in the long run.

🎉 Exclusive Benefits: As a part of the OBOR Tires family, you’ll gain access to exclusive promotions, marketing support, and early product launches!

Are You Ready to Take Your ATV/UTV Business to The Next Level?

Join the OBOR Tires family and become part of a community that’s passionate about off-road action sports and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of the industry and showcase your passion for adventure. 

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