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OBOR Tires Tricera UTV tires Unleash the Roar of Unyielding Off-Road Power!

NEW Tricera //

Conquer the Terrain with TRICERA: Unleash the Roar of Unyielding Off-Road Power!
OBOR UTV Tires Roc Monster

NEW WL – 31 Roc //

Designed for extreme rock crawling and desert terrain.
OBOR UTV Daemon Tire

NEW The Daemon //

Designed for High Speed Desert Terrain.
OBOR Predator is a multi-pitch tread design UTV Tire, it's designed for extreme off-road conditions


Featuring a multi-pitch tread design,The Predator tire is designed for performance and durability.

The Lynx //

Light Truck inspired in terms of appearance and engineering. 8ply, Radial Construction.

OBOR Cornelius

The Cornelius //

The perfect all terrain tire for an ATV or SxS; Cornelius features unique aggressive tread pattern that grips on dirt, mud, roots.

OBOR Scoprio

The Scoprio //

Mud tire with unique pattern to help rider dig into muddy terrain. This is the best choice for trail ride with slick mud.

OBOR Mudfalo

The Mudfalo //

With the very aggressive tread design and tallest tread bars, it powers through your vehicle in thick mud terrain.

OBOR Riple

NEW The Riple //

The light weight 6-ply rating construction gives quick acceleration. Direction tire pattern gives the rider a smooth ride.

OBOR Pinacle


Tread blocks are grooved for ride comfort combining tread block alignment to reduce tire noise when riding.

OBOR Bison

NEW The Bison //

A durable 6ply rating to deflect any unwanted debris on the trail to help you accomplish any tasks around the property.

OBOR Outrage

NEW The Outrage //

The powerful 8-ply construction is shockproof from rocks and sand whoops while maximizing puncture resistance.

OBOR Javelina

The Javelina //

A unique design combining the center and lower land ratio to improve handling and cross-shifting performance.
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