Take your ride to the next level with OBOR Predator UTV Tires.

OBOR Predator tires are perfect for the UTV enthusiast who wants an aggressive, all-purpose tire to tackle a variety of terrains.

Quality Tested For Peace of Mind to Drive with Confidence

Your utility-terrain vehicle or side by side deserves tires that will let you take your ride almost anywhere the road goes. OBOR Predator Tires are constructed from durable material to industry-quality specifications. This ensures your UTV / SxS tires stand up to recommended surfaces. We test our tires to ensure compliance with DOT regulations. The simple truth? For performance, style, and durability you can’t go wrong with OBOR Predator tires. Drive with confidence knowing your tires won’t fail when you need them most.

OBOR Predator UTV Tire

Performance and durability for maximum control and traction

UTV / SxS tires need to be dependable for getting to and from your destination. UTV / SxS vehicles go places other vehicles don’t. Thus, your vehicle’s tires won’t let you down. With OBOR Predator Tires on your ride, you’re ready for whatever road of life offers you. OBOR Predator Tires are constructed to performance specifications. With 8ply performance and durability, a raised tread block running along the center of the tire gives drivers extra control and traction. Compliance with DOT test FMVSS 571.119 at maximum tire pressure ensures your Predators Tires will perform as promised.

Unleash Superior Traction, Control and Safety

OBOR Predator Tires have advanced features that make them a wise choice for the safety-conscious. Predator tires have raised center tread blocks for exceptional control and traction to keep you on the road in most weather conditions. With this tread design, these UTV / SxS class tires provide tread block rigidity which reduces tread block deflection. The result is a ride that feels rigid in solid contact with the road. OBOR Predator tires have sipes (lateral diagonal groves), which give them traction in snow and rainy conditions for added control and traction. These tires bite the road with treads that provide maximum surface grip area.

OBOR Predator UTV Tire

Ride in Style

UTV / SxS class tires don’t need to look big and clunky. While some of OBOR’s Predator Tire sizes might look big (like the 34x10R15), they have a whitewall option that adds a finished look to your wheels. Indeed, dual sidewall design gives you two choices. The Predator’s multiple diagonal sipping reduces noise and adds life to the tire’s treads.

featured hightlights //

The Predator features 8ply performance and durability. The raised center treads block increases tire traction and control

Stepped tread block design improves tread block rigidity and decreases tread block deflection

The Predator UTV Tire is compliant with DOT test standard (FMVSS 571.119) at Max. Operating Pressure, PSI

Multi-pitch design reduces tire noise and increases tread life

Dual sidewall design gives the user an option of 2 sidewalls to choose from

Tread block Sipping is added to increase ride quality and increase traction

Application Terrain //










  • GROOVE 62.5% 62.5%
  • HARDPACK 100% 100%
  • INTERMEDIATE 75% 75%
  • LOOSE LOAM 0% 0%
  • SAND/MUD 0% 0%
Specifications //
Size PLY TT/TL Overall Diameter(inch) Overall Width(inch) Tire Pressure(psi) Rim size(inch) Max Load(lbs) Tread Depth(inch)
27X9.00R14 8 TL 27.0 8.9 34 7.0AT 1430 19/32
27X11.00R14 8 TL 27.0 10.8 46 8.0AT 2090 19/32
30X10.00R14 8 TL 30.3 9.5 22 7.0AT 616 16/32
30X10.00R15 8 TL 30.8 9.8 44 7.0AT 893 16/33
32X10.00R15 8 TL 32.3 9.5 22 7.0AT 678 16/32
34X10.00R15 8 TL 34.3 9.5 22 7.0AT 780 16/32
OBOR Predator UTV Tire
OBOR Predator UTV Tire

Ready, steady, go! The perfect fit for all vehicles sizes

UTV / SxS trucks and other vehicles come in various sizes. OBOR Predator Tires has the size you’ll need. From the 27X9R14 to the largest 34X10R15, our tires add stability to your cargo needs. Quality construction and advanced design make Predator Tires an economical choice.

OBOR UTV tire Predator intermediate terrain
OBOR UTV tire Predator intermediate terrain

Predator Tire Versatility

For UTV / SxS tires you can rely on, Predator Tires won’t let you down. Constructed of rubber designed to stay on the road, Predator Tires provide safe traction for most road conditions. Superior design makes Predator Tires the ideal choice for your UTV.
When you think safety, think OBOR Predator Tire safety!

  • OBOR Predator Tires are perfect for UTV enthusiasts wanting an aggressive, all-purpose tire to take on a variety of terrains.
  • 8ply performance and durability, raised center tread blocks for control and traction, stepped tread block design improves rigidity, compliant with DOT test standard.
  • Multi-pitch design reduces noise and increases tread life, dual sidewall design gives two choices.
  • Ready for all vehicle sizes, from 27X9R14 to 34X10R15 add stability to cargo needs.
  • Superior design makes Predator Tires an ideal choice for safe traction in most road conditions.
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